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"Town Meeting may hail from New England and they may play folk music, but don’t call them quaint. While you were nodding off to hot cocoa and falsettos, the boys were stocking up on whiskey and preparing to break some guitar strings. With their newest album, Make Things Better, the band throws another log on the bonfire, cueing those who have lapsed onto hard times to clink glasses and to dance...


















By the end of the album, you’ll have trekked from forests that heal to mountains that catch fire. You’ll have encountered preachers and the devil, taken pills, gambled on drunk texts, spouted blood and piss, shouted with the gang choir, and been left to sit in silence. If the night is still young, put on Make Things Better, if only to see whether the album lives up to its title."

                                      -Ethan James, Atwood Magazine

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